What a privilege it was to host a Biohacking Women's Health brunch with expert biohacker and No. 1 Sunday Times Best Selling Author of It’s Not A Diet, Davinia Taylor at Urban Retreat, London.

We dived into hormones, aging and weightloss for those women looking to unlock their true potential. 

There are well-known sex differences in optimizing health. The most optimal nutrition, exercise/movement, stress management and sleep needs of a woman depends on their unique biology and lifestyle. Getting the “health hacks” right requires knowledge, data and the ability to implement science-based health strategies right for one's unique body.

Women naturally make great "biohackers". Due to the menstrual cycle and life demands, women learn early on to tune into their bodies, and ways to balance mood, cravings and pain. Women's natural receptiveness to lifestyle changes helps them to easily implement new healthy habits that can make them flourish.

At HUM2N, we take a personalised data-driven approach to biohacking for women through personalised programmes that include: 

- Comprehensive Functional Medicine Lab Testing 
- Nutritional Programmes (Diet, Supplements & IV Infusions) 
- Innovative Therapies (IV Ozone, NAD+, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cryotherapy) 
- Ongoing health expert consultations and coaching 

We provide you with a step-by-step guide for optimizing sleep, understanding your nutritional needs, balancing mood, balancing hormones, and protecting skin and hair with cutting edge therapies and personalised data-driven programming.

Are you ready to lift your health and happiness to the next level? Speak to one of our experts and begin your transformation today 


Hayley Appleford
Tagged: Women's Health