We all know that fasting is amazing but are you doing it right? Are you actually gaining all those health benefits that research promises or are you starving all day for no reason?

At HUM2N, we are sharing with you a FREE Ramadan health guide to help you understand what fasting does to your body, how you can manage your weight by breaking your fast the right way, is water fast something you're willing to try? If you're new to fasting, what does fasting actually feel like?


This guide will also give you an important guide to supplements that are important for this month and how you can support your biology, which foods to focus on, and the most exciting part is RECIPES! There's a lot more about hydration, sleep, spirituality, and the deeper meanings behind fasting. 

And the cherry on top? Health Coach, Nawar Alkhalawi personally offers health coaching support for those who want to go the extra mile. Four sessions, once a week for the month of Ramadan; setting goals together that are achievable and right for you, following up and holding you accountable throughout the month supporting your growth.

With the support of a fantastic clinic, advanced medicinal therapies, tests and interpretations, and a whole team of doctors and nutritional therapists for you to continue your journey even after this month and truly reach your fullest potential. Take the step, commit to your health, explore the HUM2N Ramadan supplement package at 15% off with code: 15OFF.

Hayley Appleford