Dr Mohammed Enayat is a London trained general practitioner, a TEDX speaker; and a visionary within healthcare. A desire to innovate runs through Dr Enayat's veins: he is instinctively, inherently focused on bringing advancements to the world of medicine, and relentless in his pursuit of integrating the most cutting-edge, life-enhancing methodologies to HUM2N into a system that identifies and reverse the effect of the processes that drive aging inside and out.

Dr Enayat also known as ‘Dr E’, believes that we can engineer our health and questions disease as a thing of the past. In his Ted Talk he shares his lens and experience on healthcare as a system that medicalises and creates dependency driving chronic disease - “essentially delivering everything but health”. He describes this engineering approach and has created a system that views health as a series of outputs, much like cars (a running theme!).

Dr E is trailblazing a new movement where we as humans can engineer our health so we can achieve a state of vitality. Check out Dr Enayat’s Ted Talk where he explains “What Does It Mean To Be Human? Unlocking Superhuman Potential”.

Dr Enayat's extensive training has taken him from South Africa to San Diego, where he immersed himself in stem cell technology. His specialist understanding in a groundbreaking area of science, combined with an empathetic, human approach awarded him the prestigious Darzi Fellowship Programme for Clinical Leadership, cementing his reputation as one of the bright stars of medicine.

Recognising that combining multiple disciplines was key to achieving a seismic shift in health optimisation, Dr Enayat was drawn further into the world of functional medicine. Investigating the diverse methodologies to achieving infinite vitality - from ancient Eastern therapies to innovations in testing, therapeutics and wearable - has since allowed him to curate the most holistic, data driven health and performance-enhancing system incorporating an integrated team of experts, dedicated health coaches, live tracking health wearable data alongside cutting edge therapies typically reserved for the highest performing athletes.

Inventive yet empathetic, Dr Enayat's approach is rooted in providing an exemplary client journey, guiding them intelligently, and authoritatively, on their individual path to discovering their ultimate health and life goals. A flair for marrying design with functionality, his eye for detail was the driving force behind the futuristic architecture and experience at the flagship in Chelsea, London.

This synergy of the artistic and the pioneering is what sets Dr Enayat apart from his contemporaries. Ambitious and forward-thinking, he is a true visionary, who looks to the future of medicine, challenging its limitations, whilst presenting its infinite possibilities.

Experiencing is believing, take a tour of our innovative, futuristic health Lounge in Chelsea with Dr Enayat where star trek meets nightclub.

Hayley Appleford