This intimate talk at the HUM2N clinic in Chelsea explores the principals of biological hacking (biohacking), which is something we all do day in and day out – from using alcohol to exercising and sleeping to get us in a desired state of being. Dr E explains that we are all scientists when it comes to our bodies – we are all conscious of how our actions and decisions impact the way we feel, for better or for worse. However, we are creatures of habit and can often forget how much power we have in fine-tuning our health, especially with the stresses of modern lifestyle.

In this talk, Dr E explores the science of biological aging and some of the factors that can hinder health, including pollution and detoxification, stress, nutrition, exercise, mental health, state awareness, and more. Doc then discusses tactics to help us improve health and extend lifespan, such as breathwork, communities, health and cold exposure, nutrition, movement and mind. 

At HUM2N, we believe that with expert knowledge and evidence-based tools, everyone can become SUPERHUM2Ns – true agents of their own health. In this talk, Dr E explains the HUM2N optimisation protocols and explores the evidence-base behind the world-class interventions available at the Chelsea clinic. 

“Absence of oxygen causes the presence of disease” – here, Dr E discusses the Hyperbaric Chamber treatment, which delivers 20x more oxygen to your cells, aiding energy production, stem cell production, mental clarity and more. 

The talk then discusses Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) therapy. NAD+ is an essential co-enzyme and major key player in metabolism for all cells in the body, where it helps turn nutrients and fuel into energy. At HUM2N, this is available intravenously – the most effective and advanced form of NAD+ therapy, which is only available at HUM2N. 

The founder of HUM2N then discusses another favourite of his - ozone therapy. This treatment has been a popular form of therapy since the end of the 19th Century and has its origin in Germany. It was first used for its strong and effective antimicrobial properties and for disinfection of drinking water as well as helping people suffering with cholera and typhus. At HUM2N, this is used as a therapy to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and to optimise your body’s natural detoxification capability. 

At HUM2N, we are all about utilising the latest technology to provide clients with the tool to optimise their health. 

HUM2N is an incubator of ideas in and around innovations in science; from a testing perspective, from a therapies perspective and then from a human body human perspective.”  - Dr Mohammed Enayat, GP and founder of HUM2N.

The way we deliver our model of care is unique and fit-for-purpose. Our vision is to pioneer a new era of healthcare to benefit all of humanity.

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Hayley Appleford