Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant in the body. It is produced by the liver and is a very simple molecule that is produced naturally all the time. It is a combination of three simple building blocks of protein or amino acids — cysteine, glycine and glutamine. The secret of its power is the sulfur (SH) chemical groups it contains. Sulfur is a sticky, smelly molecule that acts like fly paper for all the bad things in the body to stick onto it, including free radicals and toxins like heavy metals. In fact, glutathione is the most important antioxidant that functions to detoxify heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic out of the body.[1,2]

Normally glutathione is recycled in the body — except when the toxic load becomes too great, creating a back-log in detoxification and a build-up of toxins in the body. Additionally, some of us are genetically poor at producing glutathione. We can identify this with a simple saliva test and address deficiencies with supplemental or intravenous (IV) support.


Our environment is filled with pollution, pesticides, chemicals and toxins like heavy metals. This puts a huge strain on our detoxification system and when the body is overwhelmed with so many toxins, our own production of glutathione cannot keep up with the demand. Heavy metals are also able to lower our natural glutathione production,[3] perpetuating toxicity.

As such, heavy metals start to accumulate in various tissues and organs, causing inflammation, poor function, aging, and heightened risk of chronic diseases.[4] Glutathione treatment provides the additional glutathione support to help the body rid itself of toxic build-up and restore internal and external health.


1. Improves Skin Health
No matter how careful we are, our skin is constantly being damaged. Either from sun rays, air pollution, physical trauma or toxic chemicals, our skin cells face oxidation and need antioxidants to counteract the effects to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, and dullness. As the master antioxidant, glutathione has been shown to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, and reduce melanin in dark spots for a brighter and clearer complexion.[5]

2. Detoxifies Heavy Metals
Everyday we are exposed to a range of different chemicals, especially if you live in a city. Heavy metals are linked to both short-term symptoms - like fatigue, allergies, gut issues, dry skin - and chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.[4] Glutathione is utilized in individual cells as well as detox organs like the liver, to bind to toxins and make them safe for excretion out of the body.[1,2]

3. Reduces Inflammation
Oxidative stress is a key driver of chronic inflammation in the body, and excessive inflammation is at the heart of all health problems, especially chronic conditions.

As the master antioxidant, glutathione plays a huge role in modulating inflammation and keeping the body safe from the dangers of excessive inflammation.[1]

At HUM2N, we offer both supplements like our Catalyst Liposomal and IV Nutrient Therapy with high dose glutathione. Chat with one of our health experts to find our more information. 


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