Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is an essential co-enzyme and major key player in metabolism for all cells in the body, where it helps turn nutrients and fuel into energy. Its reaction with oxygen in the mitochondria (energy powerhouses) in every single one of our cells creates energy that enables all essential bodily functions ranging from breathing, moving, digesting and thinking. Without NAD+, your body’s cells are not able to produce the energy they need to power their essential functions. This is why NAD+ is considered as crucial to our cells as oxygen, and one of the most essential building blocks for life. 

In addition to energy production, NAD+ also helps to maintain healthy DNA and gene expression, as it mediates the repair of damaged DNA and inhibits epigenetic alterations - hence has a powerful anti-ageing and anti-cancerous property. NAD+ and NADH (which our bodies convert NAD+ into) also promotes cellular regeneration, anti-oxidant protection from free radicals and inflammation, strengthens our immune system, mediates cell signalling, and acts a catalyst (helps our bodies enzymes work optimally and efficiently) for over 400 different enzymes. This ultimately leads to our cells being able to operate at their maximum capacity.  

In summary the key processes that NAD+ is used for are:

  • Energy production (ATP)
  • DNA repair (PARP1)
  • Chromosome stability and gene expression 
  • Detoxification 
  • Immune cell signalling
  • Neurotransmitters 
  • Longevity mechanisms (sirtuins 1-7)
  • Boosts the activity of over 400 other enzymes 

Why do I need to supplement with NAD+?  

Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decline significantly with age and various factors including inflammation, chronic alcohol and substance consumption, chronic illnesses, sedentary lifestyles, environmental toxins, a heavily processed diet and stress. 

At age 40 our levels of NAD+ have already declined by 50%. This increases to 80% by the age of 60. 

In addition, the body needs to make NAD+ from dietary precursors, which means we cannot absorb it directly from the diet. 

Intravenous supplementation of NAD+ is the much more superior and effective route than oral supplementation due to by-passing the digestive system and being delivered directly into the bloodstream. 

Low NAD+ levels can have a range of detrimental effects ranging from accelerating the ageing process and the development of age related diseases, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, to a weakened immune system, sleep issues, poor focus and concentration as well as contribute to the development of chronic diseases through a compromised defence against inflammation. 

Hence maintaining a high level of NAD+ is critical for maintaining optimal health and functionality, directly enhancing your physical and mental health on a cellular level. 


Indications and potential benefits of NAD+ IV infusion 

Energy booster - reboot your energy on a cellular level - ranging from people suffering with chronic fatigue, jet lag and high functioning CEOs with a fast paced lifestyle 

Anti-ageing and longevity- strengthen your armour against age related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. NAD+ also improves cells’ resistance to stress, making this a great preventative therapy to help delay or prevent the onset of certain diseases. 

DNA repair - strengthen your defences against DNA mutations which can increase your risk of developing cancerous cells. Our DNA can be damaged by environmental pollutants such as radiation and toxins, as well as toxic molecules produced by our cells (reactive oxygen metabolites). Damaged DNA is usually repaired by a group of enzymes which rely on NAD+ for their function. Without this our DNA accumulates damages and becomes unstable - thus increasing the risk of developing cancers. 

Reduce inflammation and pain - NAD+ has a powerful role in fighting inflammation, the precursor to most chronic illnesses and pain. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancers are accompanied by high levels of inflammation and low levels of NAD+. 

Recovery from infectious diseases and Covid-19 - due to its role in mediating immune system cell signalling, NAD+ can boost the immune system and accelerate recovery from infections 

Reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, aiding addiction recovery - addictive behavioural patterns such as alcohol or substance misuse affect our brain in complex ways. NAD+ has been proven to aid in the recovery process by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. By making withdrawal symptoms more tolerable, people are more likely to remain abstinent.

NAD+ is a natural and non-toxic alternative to prescription drugs used to treat addictions, and acts by healing the brain on a cellular level and mediating complex neurotransmitter pathways, cell signalling and neurone (brain cell) health and integrity.

Improve cognitive function - our brains are the most energy demanding organ hence optimising NAD+ levels can drastically improve its functioning. NAD+ also has a neuroprotective role which can slow the process of cognitive decline, in addition to positively impacting levels of serotonin and other ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters. 

Overall, the cognitive benefits include but are not limited to: 

  • improved mental clarity and less brain fog
  • enhanced learning and memory 
  • improved focus and concentration 
  • improved mood and reduced depressive symptoms 
  • facilitates brain regeneration and reduces neuroinflammation which is very prominent in neurodegenerative diseases 

Improve athletic performance - NAD+ plays a crucial role in muscle development, providing enough fuel to not only enable optimal muscle contraction but also increase muscle mass. Muscle injuries provoke an inflammatory response hence NAD+ will help to optimise muscle function, repair and recovery. Furthermore boosted energy levels and cognitive functioning will help improve reaction times and overall performance. 

Metabolism and weight management - as we age our bodies are unable to burn calories as efficiently and metabolism starts to slow down, hence we lose lean muscle mass and our body fat composition changes. NAD+ activates a group of proteins that turn on genes that increase our metabolism and our basal metabolic rate. In conjunction with exercise and a good diet, this can help maintain a healthy weight. 

General wellness - Maintaining adequate levels of NAD+ will contribute to your general wellness. This includes thicker nails, clearer skin, stronger hair, less brain fog, and more energy. This will help you feel younger and enjoy a higher overall quality of life.


Hayley Appleford