Meet Jenny Price Rigby - Supermum & Wellness Coach.

“Before, having gone to a GP, I was dismissed or I was handed a pill, whereas I feel at HUM2N, the biggest difference is you improve your health naturally.”

Doing everything you can to take care of yourself but still not reaching your goals? This is Jenny’s story. 


Despite her healthy lifestyle she was still suffering from a multitude of health issues which she couldn’t put her finger on. From gaining weight, to exhaustion, to brain fog, her body wasn’t responding.

Enter HUM2N >>> through creating a hyper-personalised programme, scientifically-advanced testing with 786+ biomarkers, paired with health wearable and physician-led coaching Jenny, “came out and felt like a different person - buzzing, on top of the world. How can you arrive so tired and then come out feeling like a different person. It’s a wake up of what it is possible to feel like.”

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Hayley Appleford