Can diseases be a thing of the past? Can we engineer superhumans? Dr Mohammed Enayat shares his lens and experience on healthcare as a system that medicalises and creates dependency driving chronic disease - “essentially delivering everything but health”. Dr Enayat describes an engineering approach to health and has created a system that views health as a series of outputs, much like cars (a running theme!).


“The Complex Systems Approach” to health is a data-driven, technology-enabled, precision approach to re-engineer and fine-tune biology to yield superhuman energy, brainpower, fertility, immunity, and more. This system integrates precision biomarkers such as genetics, hormones, inflammation & more.. to prescribing self-regenerative therapies such as stem cells, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, intravenous laser therapy; together with the ancient wisdom of herbs & mushroom potions.

And patients are coached by a team of health professionals in techniques such as intermittent fasting, nutritional strategies - using food as medicine, and kitchen as your pharmacy; alongside mind, sleep, and breathing techniques - much like personal training for health.

He covers Functional medicine, Anti-Aging, Longevity Science, Nutritional Science, Regenerative Medicine, Health Technology, Biohacking, Patient Stories and much more. One not to be missed!

Take control of your biology and prepare for your legacy - through living stronger for longer. HUM2N is dedicated to democratising preventative healthcare typically reserved for the super-wealthy through education, innovation, evidence, and giving back.

Dr Mohammed Enayat is a General Practitioner, with extensive broad training from Stem Cell technology & Regenerative medicine, Aesthetic, Preventative and to Functional medicine. He is the founder of HUM2N, whose mission is to pioneer new era healthcare for the benefit of humanity. Where he leads on democratising personalised medicine through accessible remote programs of care delivered by integrated care teams.

He found LMS Health dubbed “the Future of Health” in London - the world’s first integrated precision medicine and biohacking centre applied for human longevity and performance, where the bar for healthcare isn’t merely absence of disease; instead it’s a nirvana of vitality. Where he developed protocols for natural athlete performance enhancement. He is a true visionary, ambitious and forward-thinking, who looks to contribute to shaping the future of healthcare, challenging its limitations, whilst presenting its infinite possibilities.

Hayley Appleford
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